Yorkshire Water Business Services

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Yorkshire Water Business Services

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Yorkshire Water Business Services
Room 45, Buttershaw Depot
Halifax Road
Bradford, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Tel: 01274692749
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About Yorkshire Water Business Services

It might come as a surprise that a company that makes its money selling water wants to help you save it. But for the last 21 years the Business Services team at Yorkshire Water has been doing just that.

By helping businesses to save water, Yorkshire Water helps to reduce your bills, saving businesses £millions every year – that’s savings that businesses can return to their bottom line each year thanks to our efforts.

Our help to businesses ranges from a free water efficiency survey - just answer a few simple questions on our website - through to discounted water-saving products such as push-button taps and right up to a bespoke water audit where one of our experts will visit to assess your business in fine detail.

Expertise, information and leakage detection

Yorkshire Water’s Business Services team is here to help and advise your business. Our detailed water audits give you in-depth information about not only the clean water you use, but the waste water you generate. Our expert will visit your site(s) and make recommendations for improvements including information on anticipated investment, cost savings and payback periods.

Our specialist flow monitoring equipment connects a water monitor to your supply and gives you detailed information about where and when you use the most water. You can access, analyse, report and act on the information through our dedicated website.

Our teams are experts at finding leaks and putting them right – we fix about 200 a year. We’ll work with you to minimise the disruption to your business, while quickly and efficiently sorting the problem. Our teams work 24/7 so we can provide the best service with minimum inconvenience to you and your business.

Did you know we can also map the utilities on your site, maintain your infrastructure or relocate water pipes for you?

Our utility mapping service provides a complete overview of your site's utility infrastructure including not only water and drainage but also gas, electricity and cable systems.

Mapping your utilities can avoid the costs of emergency repairs, as well as identifying any problems that could cause costly delays in construction work or the abandonment of a project. It also enables you to check the condition of site utilities and carry out planned maintenance to avoid the risk of costly asset failures.

We've got all the experience and expertise to design, construct and install anything from one small pipe to an entire new system. Our design and feasibility studies enable proposed engineering work to be developed 'fit for purpose', eliminating the need to change things once the project is completed.

And once you know where your pipes are and have installed any new ones you need, we can look after the whole underground clean and waste water system to help you avoid the cost of repairs or leaks.

£10,000 saving from one, swiftly identified, leak

As part of a tailored offering provided to Leeds Teaching Trust, we carried out a detailed leakage detection survey across a number of hospital sites. Through this service we identified and repaired a leak which, had it gone unnoticed for a month, would have cost the trust an extra £10,000.

The trust also benefits from twice-yearly water audits to identify opportunities to save water, an annual inspection of fire hydrants, our engineers spend four days a year surveying water infrastructure to help detect potential problems, and we provide a priority leak repair service to contribute to the hospital’s resilience.

"The Trust is now in a position to benefit from a package of services provided by Yorkshire Water which significantly improves our resilience, will reduce the effect of leaks, reduce water consumption and contribute to the Trust's continuity and resilience planning.”
Andy Proud, Head of Estates at Leeds Teaching Trust.

Installing one infra-red urinal could save you £1,000 every year

Yorkshire Water is working hard to manage and balance water resources and doesn’t anticipate any restrictions in water supply this summer.  However, it’s important that we continue to use water wisely. For businesses this can also mean significant money savings.

A few small changes can make a real difference. Installing just one infra-red urinal – which only uses water when it needs to be flushed as opposed to running constantly – can save well over half a million litres of water a year. In financial terms that’s around £1,000.

Top tips for businesses to save water and money

·         Take our free water survey. Answering 10 simple questions on our website could help you identify water and cash savings. Visit www.yorkshirewater.com/business

·         If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it – install water meters at key points in your business so you know which parts of your processes use the most water. Read them regularly. This information can be used to target action for making savings as well as quickly picking up on leaks or excessive water consumption

·         Assess the water you use in kitchens and washrooms. You can easily install self-closing push taps with flow restrictors and infra-red urinal controls which can save up to 60% of water

·         Regularly check your washroom facilities. Faulty ball cocks or flush valves can cause toilets to leak. You can easily check by adding a few drops of food dye to the cistern to see whether it ends up in the toilet bowl

·         Get involved. Let your staff know you want to save water and ask for their help. You could have an incentive scheme for the best suggestions or promise to reinvest a proportion of the savings you make into a project they choose.  Remember that reducing heated water consumption can have an impact on both your energy and water bill.

·         Check out our website for more advice, discounts on water saving devices and to order a free water saving pack.  Visit www.yorkshirewater.com/business

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