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1st Food & Drink

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1st Food & Drink
Pennine House
Greenside Way, Middleton
Manchester, Lancashire
M24 1SW
United Kingdom

Tel: 01616430044
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About 1st Food & Drink

Established over 7 years ago, 1st Food & Drink specialise in supplying vending systems and wholesaling products to local and national businesses. Our portfolio of clients includes local councils, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities as well as the wider business community. In late 2007 with the addition of a specialist team at the helm we diversified into three core areas of business, 1st Food & Drink Wholesale, 1st Food and Drink Vending and 1st Food & Drink Internet. When creating these divisions we wanted to drive 1st Food & Drink in a way that meant that our existing and potential future customers were getting the best from us, as well as receiving competitive wholesale pricing and bespoke service agreements. By creating these three divisions and providing the right products and focus 1st Food & Drink can be provided a better service for all our customers. During 2007 1st Food & Drink also attained the status as a nominated supplier to SNUPI ( Scottish & North University Purchasing Initiative) and full supplier approval via STS, enabling us to trade with the NHS and Local & National Hospital Trusts.

1st Food & Drink Wholesale

The wholesale division within our business supplies our existing and new customers with ambient products including drinks, snacks, confectionary, cans and bottles. More recently with the acquisition of a specialist supply company we now offer an increased range of handmade cakes, tray bakes, specialist waters as well as an increased Fairtrade/Ethically traded product range.

The Fairtrade element to our business is very important and we are constantly looking out for new products and innovations within this market so we can drive home the message that everyone if possible should be looking at incorporating Fair Trade products into their lives & businesses so that the people around the world who supply these products in some of the most poverty stricken areas can attain a descent return for their goods / produce. We also actively promote two Ethically Traded Waters - Thirsty Planet and Love One who donate 5p back from each bottle sold to their respective Fresh Water Well Projects in Sub Saharan Africa.

1st Food & Drink Vending

The vending or fully managed service division supplies a wide range of vending machines/systems and services ranging from FLAVIA filter pack and loose ingredients table top machines to Klix and loose ingredient floor standing hot drinks machines. We can also supply snack, can and bottle machines, with size and capacity options available to suit our clients individual requirements. Once Installed we can then either supply the products directly via our wholesale division for a DIY operation or provide a Fully Managed Service operating the equipment for and on behalf of our clients.

In line with our Fair Trade Activity and Stance we are now providing Coffee & Tea Machines that sell Fair Trade Coffee & Tea only as well as currently looking at the viability of Fair Trade Snack & Confectionary vending machines which would sell a variety of Fairtrade Chocolate and Snack Products.

1st Food & Drink Internet

The Internet Division is our newest addition to our business and it means we can now offer our customers a complete range of systems and products over the internet as well as wholesailing our products to anyone within the UK market be that a business or private customer. When setting up this site we wanted to offer brand leading products as well as a global Fairtrade and ethically traded product range which would appeal to all and make these products more accessible to anyone and everyone.

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