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Grace Incorporation Faith Trust

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Grace Incorporation Faith Trust
Units 1-2 Windrush Millennium Centre
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Manchester, Lancashire
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Tel: 01616367582
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About Grace Incorporation Faith Trust

Grace Incorporation Faith Trust was established November 2003. The vision of G.i.f.t was birthed after founder members believed that there was a need for the local church to ‘move out of the box’ and make impacting change in the community.

The aim of G.i.f.t. is to support young people, men and women from a diverse range of communities to access education and to tackle a range of issues that affect their access, performance and progression into education, training and employment.

G.i.f.t's approach is to provide a holistic service particularly for young people who are at risk of falling out of the education system with little or no qualification, in particular those at risks of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). G.i.f.t aims to provide early intervention and preventative measures.

The core activities of G.i.f.t are the partnership work in the area of family support, counselling, mentoring, professional and personal development.

We work with local authorities, health trusts, Connexions, youth offending service, and local schools, colleges and universities. We have achieved local partnerships with The Manchester College to pursue projects that tackle NEET (not in employment, education and training) young people providing educational and employment opportunities for young people and adults from diverse communities.

Mentoring programme

In the recent years there have been numerous calls, from a variety of sources; government and schools for example, for charities and third sector organisations to take part in providing leadership training or personal development programmes for young persons in, or out of, full time education.

G.i.f.t’s Mentoring Programme provides an opportunity, for children from the age of 12, to young adults at 19, to receive help with their educational and vocational skills. The programme has proved to be one of the most successful examples of our commitment to a Tailor Made Service approach to our clients.

The Mentoring Programme is more than an academic aid. We hope to consult with parents concerning their child’s personal development, documented in a Personal Development File which will be updated every time the Mentor books a session with the Mentee.

Supplementary School Service (‘Triple S’)

We at G.i.f.t believe that education does not end at quarter past three every day Monday to Friday; we believe it is a lifelong process, and whereas we can’t follow them for the rest of their days, we can ensure that your child receives the best supplementary education that we have to offer.

Our Supplementary School Service (Triple S) team comprise of fully qualified teaching staff who teach from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4/GCSE in Math, English, Science. We have expanded the service to weekdays afterschool to include vocational and language courses such as business and tasters in French and Latin in 2010.

The Triple S scheme is our most popular service and places are occupied very quickly (as soon as one term ends places are usually filled up and put on the waiting list by mid summer) so please do not delay in filling out our online application form if you wish your child to attend the school or access it’s services.

We welcome all children from a diverse number of backgrounds so please feel free to inquire about how we can best meet your needs by ordering or picking up our brochure from our Manchester office.

Youth Forum

With the rise of anti social behavior being a widespread problem across the major cities in Britain, we at G.i.f.t are tackling the problem of antisocial behavior head on.

Our purpose is not to focus on the punishment of crimes committed by frustrated young people but to provide an opportunity for the person in question to utilize their energy so the cause of many antisocial crimes are dealt with at it’s root.

The project enables young people to be proactively involved in developing activities that will divert them from anti social behavior on the streets and assist them in moving away from crime that affects our whole community. The youth forum aims to act not only as a form of crime reduction but as a means of familiarising the younger members about the democratic process, the way in which through collective action they can positively impact their community and engender social change for the better.

We aim to target 11- 15 years and 16 - 19 age groups. The activities will involve developing their skills for adulthood by helping them to be responsible for their own lives and others. The project provides a one stop youth services that will encapsulate and promote i) Mental and physical health. ii) Education. iii) personal and professional development.


Here at G.i.f.t we understand the importance of the personal as well as professional development of our clients this is why, as part of our Tailor-made Service commitment we provide a counselling service intended to find out how we can help solve the more private issues that the work-life balance can create.

We have a team of committed, fully trained and accredited counselors committed to meeting your needs and solving issues that are becoming hindrances to your personal and professional life.

Mediation Services

The family is at the heart of our ethos here at G.i.f.t. We believe that the solution to many issues communities face can be found within the home. However we also understand that many issues can come from the home itself.

The G.i.f.t Mediation Service aims at supporting, parent and child alike, with any difficulties faced in the educational institution the young person attends. G.i.f.t provides impartial advice in circumstances where parents may need to deal with official bodies like the Local Education Authority or with issues that arise within the home; for example parental disputes that are having an effect on the child’s health, welfare and state of mind.

We provide pastoral care for as many issues as possible in order to meet your needs and to deal with a range of issues that may inhibit your family from functioning as a whole.

Enterprise Training,/p>

We at G.i.f.t believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

In Enterprise Training, we at G.i.f.t, provide a programme designed to help unemployed adults overcome obstacles preventing them from attaining employment.

The Enterprise Training program aims to help develop the employability skills of each client building upon the ability to work with others, teaching the importance of the basics like attendance and time keeping. Or, more pressingly, we advise our clients about how best to overcome the social or personal barriers to work, such as issues associated with past involvement in crime or dealing with health problems and long-term unemployment that may also be a hindrance to progress.

In all cases, in supporting the development of personal skills and self-confidence we help create the most integral part of our programme of Enterprise Training, that is the creation of an effective work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.

After receiving our Enterprise Training service you will find yourself ready to re-enter the workplace with confidence.

Our course provides job search support such as CV preparation; workshops to help with letter writing and application forms, telephone skills and networking. This better enables learners to explore the career options open to them.

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