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About Black-Elk

Wouldn’t it be nice to hold the world, or at least your market, in the palm of your hand?

According to the Barrett Value Centre, these are the questions companies need to answer to do this; Black-Elk is focused on working in partnership with you to answer them for your business:
How do we increase profits & shareholder value?
How do we attract and keep talented people?
How do we build brand loyalty?
How do we ensure that ethics permeate the corporate culture?
How do we build a resilient, sustainable company?
Black-Elk is focused firmly on helping address these issues and has two primary goals:
· To drive value into business using our proven method and tools
· To enrich the business environment by developing people
Black-Elk Business Alignment
Would you like to be confident that, every day, the actions taken in your business are aligned to fulfil the long term vision for the company as well as achieving the short and medium term goals and objectives?
Would you wish to have a clearly articulated vision for the future that creates both inspiration and aspiration in your team and drives them forward?
Would you want to have a defined set of shared values for your business; a positive means of ensuring that you have the right staff behaving in the right way and delighting your customers?
These are some of the characteristics of an aligned business: a true V&V company, Vision guided & Values driven.  Black-Elk can assist you to achieve this status and all of the benefits that spring from it.
We work with you to establish a clear vision for your business and then help you achieve it; driving the vision through all levels of the business and ensuring that all individuals and their actions are targeted towards this vision.
Black-Elk Leadership & Personal Mastery

The subject of Leadership has been extensively researched over the last 150 years or so, generating numerous theories, philosophies, styles and models. Some models compete, others have more or fewer elements. However they can be grouped into one of the following categories; Trait, Behavioural, Situational and Functional - clearer but still far from ideal! In 2011 James Scouller published his leadership model which integrates the thinking behind the four other groups while also addressing the Leader’s inner blocking factors that can prevent us from achieving our full potential.
We believe that Scouller’s research and thinking is ground breaking and will change the way that we think about Leadership – this innovative programme is based around his Integrated Psychological Leadership Model.
Black-Elk Vision to Value
Vision to Value is a facilitated exploration of areas crucial to the success of a business.  Each month participants are given a conceptual overview of a business area then, via discussion, this area is explored in depth.
During the session we will create action plans to drive this knowledge and expertise into your business.
All of the relevant material is provided for you to use in your business and in-company assistance is available if desired.
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