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About Train 2 Protect Ltd

Our diverse portfolio of clients, means that the potential threats that they face, are individual to them and may come in the form of a terrorist attack; Supicious package, Letter bomb, telephone bomb threat or from other criminal activity including the actions of individuals or groups whose intent it is to disrupt their business or our daily life. However for many of our clients, as well as having to face the threats already mentioned, they also have to deal with the more mundane, but never the less important day-to-day activities carried out by themselves and their employees regarding Health & Safety in the workplace; First Aid, Fire Safety, Manual handling, Food Safety etc.

First Aid

At Train2Protect we believe that First Aid is a life skill and as such is beneficial to everyone, even young children can be taught what to do in the event of an accident or somebody suddenly falling ill. Here in the UK, the HSE requires employers to provide adequate first aid facilities and trained personnel for the work place. 
Train2Protect is capable of responding to the needs of various organisations, business or individuals by offering flexible courses that  include first aid and  Basic Life Support in  accordance with  UK and Eurpean Resuscitation Council guidelines. 
We offer both statutory training and bespoke courses and where appropriate or required this training is certificated to show compliance with UK HSE requirements.
Health & Safety
"Good Health and Safety is Good Business".
Your business does not have to be dealing with asbestos or operating dangerous machinery for an accident to happen to a member of your staff or a visitor to site or premises. A slippery floor, loose carpet tile, poorly designed workspace, or poorly regulated/working practices can all lead to an accident. After all, what is an accident?  
An accident has been defined as: an unplanned, uncontrolled event leading to actual or potential injury, damage or loss.
Cost of accidents to business
Have you ever considered how much an accident could cost you or your business? If not, take a look at the following example: 
A worker fell over a delivery ramp while walking in front of an office building. She injured her shoulder and was off work for two weeks. The company calculated the total cost of the accident to be £14800.
As part of our continuing effort to provide professional services to create a safer world, Train2Protect now provide an ever expanding range of health and safety services, these include:
Fire Safety 
Every year Fire kills approximately 700 people in the United Kingdom and costs approximately £1,500 million in insurance claims. Did you know that following a fire in the workplace, roughly 80% of companies never recover? It therefore makes good sense to protect yourself, your staff and your business from the risk of fire.
Train2Protect provides cost effective safety services and solutions in fire protection to all levels of the business community. Our ability to provide you with a total fire safety solution includes fire risk assessments, staff training at all levels including fire awareness and fire warden / marshal training, and the supply of fire extinguishers, signage and ancillary equipment.
Employers, facility mananagers and landlords have certain legal responsibilities regarding fire safety to employees, tenants and visitors in accordance with existing legislation and the new Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. What ever your fire safety requirements or budget, Train2Protect will work with you to provide a solution that can be implemented to ensure you are compliant with fire legislation, this can include conducting a fire risk assessments, fire safety training at all levels and the supply of appropriate fire fighting equipment and signage.
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