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Premier Pensions Management

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Premier Pensions Management
AMP House
Dingwall Road
Croydon, Greater London
United Kingdom

Tel: 02037279800
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About Premier Pensions Management

If you’ve any experience of the pensions industry, chances are you think the client service is generally poor and overpriced – and that it’s mostly a constraining and bureaucratic profession to be in. We agree with you. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. We have the power to change it. And that’s what led us to create Premier.

When we established Premier in 2003, we set ourselves a mighty ambition, one that goes way beyond just what we will achieve for ourselves. Our plan is to transform the quality of our industry. We will lead the way through our actions and show everyone how things should be done.

So, we started with our most powerful asset – our clients.

For us, the client experience would absolutely never be ‘same old, same old’. Now, our clients tell us that they get a service that’s intelligent, accurate, timely, forward-looking and adaptable as their needs change. For them, it’s a genuinely personable relationship.

Next, we were determined to deliver this exceptional quality of service at a lower price than the big providers. No more unreasonable costs. We charge a fair price and we still make enough profit to re-invest in our own future.

We then focused on our people. We wanted to create a special place to work. After all, there are many people in the financial services industry who are frustrated with the way things are. Given the right environment, we’ve found people are motivated to do things better, simply because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

Work shouldn’t be a battle zone; it should be a place where you can achieve great things in a spirit of freedom, challenge and collaboration – whether working with clients or each other. Which is why we provide a more human and enriching experience that goes well beyond a mechanical transaction.

We’re not mavericks for the sake of it. We are smart, sensible people with a dissatisfaction about the way things are – and are working hard to put things right.

Only then can change happen.

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