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Castle Group Ltd
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Tel: 01723584250
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About Castle Group Ltd

The best businesses are always the ones with the most impressive health and safety, the most up-to-date environmental compliance and effective and efficient plant maintenance. Setting in place all the right actions to take your company to new levels is what we are all about.

At Castle, we always bring options; we help with health and safety, environmental compliance and manufacturing plant monitoring and maintenance and we always want to work the way you do. You might like to purchase equipment and have the training to deal with everything yourself, you might like to rent the equipment, or you may want someone to come and do it all for you. These are the options we will offer you. Your choice!

- Training Courses or in-house training sessions
- Equipment to buy or rent for monitoring and measurements
- Consulting service for assessment, monitoring or engineering control
- Calibration of monitoring equipment

FREE Seminars

Everything we do is backed up by FREE seminars, which are run around the country on various topics in health and safety, environmental compliance and plant monitoring and maintenance. These seminars are packed with up-to-the-minute information and knowledge and are offered completely without obligation. You learn something and we get the chance to meet you – that’s it! You will find all the dates on our web site link above.

Health and Safety Compliance

We have products and services that can help with all of these areas as well as offering general health and safety guidance and support.

- Noise and Vibration at Work
- Health Screening for Employee welfare
- COSHH monitoring and compliance
- Air sampling and Gas detection
- Temperature, Humidity, EMF’s or Light

Our training courses are renowned throughout industry as are our measuring and monitoring products. Renting equipment is so simple with next-day delivery and a large stock to choose from. Also our consultants are on-hand for help or advice. Have a look at our website via the link above or call us on 01723 584250 to discuss the options you have.

Environmental Compliance

With increasing encroachment of residential neighbourhoods on industrial areas and vice versa, it is no wonder that complaints are more and more common place and that planning requirements are becoming more rigorously enforced. At Castle, we work in many areas of environmental compliance.

- Noise complaint management
- Entertainment Noise compliance
- Environmental Vibration assessments and monitoring
- Stack Emissions Monitoring
- Air Quality assessments
- Planning and impact assessments

Environmental issues generally require lots of knowledge, which is where Castle Training can be a great resource to you. Monitoring equipment is also essential in most situations so the option to purchase or rent this can be highly valuable. It is also good to have the option of an independent expert and Castle consultants are certainly the experts to help. Get in touch to see what options would be good for you.

Plant Monitoring and Maintenance

Unplanned failure of manufacturing plant can present a huge cost to business and it is often actually quite simple to prevent. Castle offers these solutions and often a combination can be all it takes to save thousands of pounds and improve your productivity, not to mention the effectiveness of maintenance teams.

- Vibration condition monitoring systems
- Temperature condition monitoring systems
- Diagnostic Vibration analysis for fault finding
- Predictive maintenance solutions
- Diagnostic Thermometry and Thermal Imaging for fault diagnosis

Castle Solutions include training courses to bring maintenance teams up to speed or bring diagnostics in-house, monitoring systems installation to provide early warning for predictive maintenance actions and measurement and diagnostic equipment to purchase or rent. As always, our consultants have vast experience in assisting with these issues and can solve problems and implement solutions for a vast array of situations. Call us on 01723 584250 to see how much money you could save.

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