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About Hosokawa Micron Ltd

Hosokawa Micron Ltd – Pioneer in Powder and Particle Processing Technology

Hosokawa Micron Ltd is part of the worldwide Hosokawa Micron Group, a world leader in the development, manufacture and installation of machines and complete systems for Powder and Particle Processing.

Here in the UK, Hosokawa Micron offers a single source supply of the very best in machinery brands including Alpine, Hosokawa Micron Milling, Micron, Schugi, Vitalair and Vrieco Nauta with associated engineering expertise to develop individual processing solutions.

Whether you are seeking a single piece of equipment or a complete process line, Hosokawa Micron engineers work in partnership with your own engineering and production teams to design the most appropriate equipment to meet your specific needs.

With diverse demands for product fineness, pristine end product, process efficiency and increased product functionality Hosokawa Micron has pioneered new technologies, new equipment and new integrated processing systems to meet those demands.


Advanced material development permits a range of industries including electronics, medical/biotechnology, ceramics, defence, cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals to produce nanoparticles that not only offer the potential of more effect for less mass but in many cases the product effect can be quite different from that achievable with micron sized particles. For example materials can effectively be made to be stronger and harder, lighter, more durable, more reactive, better electrical conductors and much more.

Hosokawa Micron has designed a unique nanotechnology equipment portfolio to develop particle modification technologies which will improve powder characteristics and/or create new powder characteristics without changing any chemical properties. These technologies not only produce added value materials but can also lead to process improvements by reducing process steps and energy costs.

With a long heritage of leadership in powder sciences and technology Hosokawa Micron lead the way in nanoparticle production technology combining expertise in more traditional powder processing technologies with particle design and the supply of equipment for the creation and manufacture of high value particles with new powder characteristics.

High Containment Solutions

Hosokawa Micron is a world renowned single source supplier of containment systems and leads the way in meeting demands for low occupational exposure levels (OELs) and increased product integrity. Hosokawa Micron offers a range of containment solutions including:

Isolator Gloveboxes which deliver ultra high containment levels down to 10 ng/m³( 8hr TWA) for the safe handling of highly active or toxic chemicals and offer complete operator protection and product integrity.

Downflow Booths which offer a safe working zone for operatives; delivering protection from harmful, hazardous, toxic or sensitizing dusts generated and handled during manual powder handling activities such as sampling, dispensing and charging, sub division of powders or solvents and drum loading and unloading.

Hosokawa Micron’s combination of clean air technology and barrier screen protection, between the operator and the source of dust particles creates downflow booths capable of achieving OEL rates as low as <1µg/m3, which is consistent with more robust, fully enclosed containment methods.

5D Articulated Containment Screens offer a range of movements: side to side, forward and backward, raise and lower, controlled tilt and rotation to give operators ease of movement with minimal restrictions.

Experts in Performance Improvement

For over 10 years we have been helping clients across a range of industries to operate their plant at full potential, exploit production opportunities, identify potential equipment failures before they happen and achieve a rapid return on investment.

By harnessing the combined strength of Hosokawa Micron’s technical and practical processing expertise with the latest plant performance monitoring equipment and analysis software from technology leaders  XpertRule Software Ltd we can help you achieve:

- Increased production yield

- Improved product quality

- Increased plant availability

- Reduced emissions

- Energy savings

- Strategic preventative maintenance

- Profit Improvement

Our proven low capital cost, Hosokawa Gen4 modular approach to performance improvement and plant optimisation employs three simple stages – UNDERSTAND – MONITOR – CONTROL to give engineers and production managers’ clear indicators and defined actions for continuous, strategic performance improvement.

Proven across a range of industries, OEM analysers and production and control equipment,   Hosokawa Micron’s performance improvement solutions can be utilised to examine large scale processes, pilot plant, laboratory and R&D plant across industries including the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, toner and cement.

Toll Processing

From modern toll processing facilities in Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom our Toll Processing Service delivers a swift route to market for even difficult to handle fine and speciality chemicals including flame-retardants, titanium oxide, aerogels, thermoplastics, APIs and potentially hazardous or explosive materials.

Specialists in size reduction, classification, mixing, coating and multi-processing techniques we can handle multi-tonne lots, ultra small batches, micronisation and classification of powders down to nano size as well as products requiring processing in a contained environment and food products.

- Comprehensive in-house analytical and test facility support

- 20+ individual processing suites

- Separate chemical and food (FSSC accredited) suites

- Pack-off, warehousing and logistics support

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