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Tel: 01457850754
Broban Tooling Ltd

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Broban Tooling Ltd
Unit 1 Glossop Brook Business Park
Surrey Street
Glossop, Derbyshire
SK13 7AJ
United Kingdom

Tel: 01457850754
Fax: 01457850753

About Broban Tooling Ltd

With over 30 years experience in this sector we are able to offer a range of products that consist of traditionally hand made and CNC cut models, foundry pattern equipment and tooling for the Aerospace, Automotive, Agricultural, Railway, Office and Domestic seating and trim manufacturers, tooling manufactured using various materials including Timber, Resins, Aluminium and Steel. 

Type of Products Manufactured

Resin Tooling:
Polyester and epoxy resin based tooling for the molding of Polyurethane and Elastomer products with low to medium volume requirements i.e. Transport seating, agricultural trim and Office and Domestic Furniture.

Cast Tooling:
Cast aluminium tooling for Commercial, Transport and Aerospace seating and trim suppliers with medium to high volume requirements.

CNC Tooling:
CNC machined tooling where a greater degree of accuracy and surface finish are required in all sectors.

Jigs and Fixtures:
Jigs and fixtures to assist with the assembly and inspection of various products.

Styling Models:
CNC machined and hand crafted styling models to assist with visualization, feasibility and promotion of new products.

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