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Labelon (UK) Limited

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Labelon (UK) Limited
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United Kingdom

Tel: 01376553030
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About Labelon (UK) Limited


For over 25 years, Labelon has been providing labels to the retail fashion industry. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers and our market place. We have designed all aspects of our business to ensure we deliver the best service - all around the world - to our retail clients and our manufacturing customers. Labelon is well known as a leader in the field of labeling for the UK garment industry and In April 2012 the group; formally a privately owned company was purchased by the Partners Equity Group.

With six global locations, including the head office, located in the South East of England, we are able to produce labels quickly and efficiently in all the major areas of world-wide fashion production. With considerable technical expertise, supported by our Labelonline web ordering and Navision back office systems, the entire order to production process is slick and effective. Our sales and production teams are all committed to delivering the very best service, and we do everything in our power to meet your requirements on time, every time. Clients including The Arcadia Group, Next, Debenhams, River Island and Mothercare are among the top names entrusting us with their business - and reputations.


Labelon UK

Headed by MD Ashley Cooper, the UK Company now employs 60 people and is very much the nerve center for providing work for our many off shore production centers.

Labelon Hong Kong

Responding to constant demand from garment manufacturers in the area Labelon Hong Kong was opened in 1992. Now at the helm and in control of HK operations is Amy Wan, currently employing 82 permanent staff.

Labelon Mauritius

Started in 1997 and is now successfully run by the energetic Aarti Naran, who has 12 employees.

Labelon Romania

Formed in 2000, Labelon Romania started small and grew very rapidly, acquiring more and more clients and continuously expanding production capacities. Needing more space, Labelon Romania has relocated three times since 2000. They are now in state-of-the-art offices and factory premises in Bucharest and currently have 61 employees under the directorship of Ashley Cooper.

Labelon Turkey

Begun in 2003 and run by Neslihan Ozuduru, who joins us with 9 years’ experience within the garment industry. It has rapidly expanded and moved to a larger production facility now employing 29 members of staff.

Labelon China

The Labelon China Production office was opened in 2005 and is now located in the Zhejiang Province.


Printed fabric labels

Whether used as a main brand carrier, or for general size and fabric care information, printed fabric labels are a cost-effective, versatile option. In most of the cases, printed labels include multilingual information about the fabric, fibre content, fabric care and composition, additional care instructions - maintenance (washing, ironing, dry cleaning, drying, wash care symbols, special finish), size equivalents, order number, article reference and colour. Several methods are used during the production process of these labels: they can be twin printed (printed on both sides), heat cut or cut ultrasonically for added softness.

There are three main folding styles, according to the place where the label is positioned: loop, end and mitre. Materials generally used for printed labels include: satin, cotton, nylon and resin. You can choose both the size and the colours for the required printed labels, so as to best fit with the product you order them for. They can be printed on any PANTONE colour.

Variable data

Using the latest technology, Labelon handles any amount of variable data, from size changes to sell-by dates. We print on swing tickets, wash care labels and self-adhesive materials, adding bar-codes and logos where required.

Print runs can be scaled up or down, depending on the requirements of the job. This flexibility works well for merchandised goods, pre-packed perishables, price tickets and garment hanger labels.


Our woven labels are capable of being produced in up to thirteen colours, with the ability to create subtle - or sensational - effects. Using broad, needle and soft edge looms we can produce any number of textures and finishes, in a variety of materials.

Swing Tickets

Worldwide, we supply any quantity of printed swing tickets in any combination of colours. Our creative and reprographics team can develop ideas from scratch, or enhance an existing ticket design.

Variable data (size, colours, prices and barcodes) can be incorporated into the design, for a seamless finished look.

Self-Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels are generally delivered in the form of rolls or sheets. Substrates have a self-adhesive coating on one side and a surface suitable for printing on the other. The adhesive is protected by a laminate which enables the sheet to be fed through printers or printing machines.

Labels are die-cut for easy application and multi-colour printing. Our stickers are used extensively for packaging, hangers, food and beverage labeling, merchandised goods, perfume and pharmaceutical products.


High profile names know our patches will enhance their brands, with exciting, eye-catching images. Using an extensive range of materials and techniques - PU suede, leather, embroidered, micro molded, reflective, metal, PVC (ideal for jeans and outerwear) and lenticular (for stunning 3D and moving visuals), our designers will explore every creative opportunity.


Seals - a highly effective method of enhancing your brand. Usually made from plastic, seals can be ordered in quantities of 5000+ and will be delivered within two weeks of order.

Bar locks - used for securing large numbers of hangers together. Made in tough, high-quality nylon, they are resistant to most organic and inorganic substances.

Button bags - paper or plastic. Reseal able plastic is an efficient way to store products, protecting them against dirt, dust and damp. On request, logo details can be added to bags. Standard sizes: Plastic - 50mm x 70mm & 70mm x 200mm. Paper: 45mm x 75mm. Other sizes available on request.

Shearing ties - also known as crocodile clips. Minimum quantity 100 pieces.

Elastic tapes - excellent stretch ability and recovery. Available sizes: 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm & 38mm. Minimum order 25metres (one roll).

Hanging tapes - satin, polyester and cotton. Custom widths 8mm & 35mm. Roll sizes: 25m, 125m & 250m.

Kimball bullets - for attaching swing tickets to garments. Available in black or white.

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