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CAMB Machine Knives International Ltd
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United Kingdom

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About CAMB Machine Knives International Ltd

With over 25 years of experience supplying the machine knives industry. CAMB Machine Knives was established in the UK in 1989 and aimed to provide consistently high quality knives and service to a broad range of industry sectors. Based on these guiding principals, CAMB Machine Knives has flourished and grown throughout Europe, USA and Africa, establishing a reputation for high quality products and service.

CAMB Knives International really does have an international reach with a network of exporters and carriers -  with offices both in the UK and USA, along with agents in Spain, Holland, France, New Zealand and South Africa, so you'll never be far away from a CAMB Knives representative.

Our range includes many types of blades, including but not limited to: Circular Knives Top Dished Knives, Bottom Knives, Toothed Knives, Straigh Knives, Anvils, Tray Form Blades, Razor Blades, Shear Blades, Guillotine Blades, Granulator Blades, Carpet Knives, Tobacco Knives and Confectionery knives.

Poultry Processing Blades
CAMB Machine Knives was originally established with the Poultry Processing Industry in mind. We therefore both manufacture and stock a large range of blades for many of the major Poultry Processing machines.

Circular Knives
We supply a wide range of circular knives for a variety of uses. We hold a large stock of Stainless Steel circular knives for use in the poultry processing industry.

Straight Knives
CAMB Machine Knives has become a world renowned supplier of all types of Straight Knives, from Guillotine Blades and Granulator Blades to Toothed Packaging knives.

Toothed Knives
We supply a complete range of straight toothed blades for packaging machines, many of which we hold in stock. These include blades for Vegatronic, Sandiacre, many Heat Seal machines, automatic bagging machines and packaging machines used in the meat and Poultry processing / packaging industry.

Tray Form Blades
CAMB Machine Knives are the UK's leading independent supplier of Tray Form blades, for which we are now gaining a reputation for high quality and exceptional value for money. 
All of our tray form knives where possible are manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel toothed strip. Compared to the low wear resistance carbon steel used by many of the OEM's and our competitors.

The list below shows the machines currently catered for in this range. If the machine for which you require blades is not listed please contact us with details and we will manufacture a blade to your exact requirements.

Collimatic - Cosmapa - Ilpra – Linfresh - Mondini - Nutech - Osgood - Pro-Seal - Raque - Regal - Ross - Stork - Sealtech 

Razor Blades
We have been supplying Razor Blades to the Poultry Processing industry since 1989 when CAMB Machine Knives was established and have a good relationship with several of the world’s largest manufacturers of Razor Blades.

Our buying power gives us the ability to offer prices lower than our customers can obtain direct from the manufacturer. In many instances razor blade manufacturers will only deal through an agent or distributor.

Granulator Blades
Our range of Granulator Blades for the Plastic Recycling industry has proven very hard wearing and competitively priced. This is also one of the more popular blades we regrind for several UK companies and an area we are soon looking to expand into the European and Worldwide market.

This is a relatively new product for us, yet we are already supplying this product to several customers on a regular basis.

Top Dished Knives and Bottom Knives
We have always supplied Dished Knives as part of our range of blades for Vacuum packaging machines used in the Poultry Industry.

We now however supply this product to many different types of industries. As well as a complete range of knives we can also supply Holders, Rails and all the other parts necessary for a complete cutting assembly, for cutting most types of flexible materials.

Knives for use in the Paper / Tissue Industry
We supply a wide variety of blades to the Tissue industry, including Log Saw Blades, Creaser Blades, Perforation Wheels, and Crush Cutters.

We are able to offer most knives, including Log Saw blades in either standard or Hard wearing D2 Tool Steel, depending on the use, which can often offer a significant improvement in life compared to OEM blades.

We carry stocks of some popular items, please enquire for availability on any blades you may require.

ZigZag Knives and Anvils
We can offer a complete range of ZigZag or Wavy edge type sealer knives, complete with Anvils for all popular fitments, for use in the food / confectionery packaging industry.

We currently supply these blades to many of the UK's leading confectionery manufacturers, who continue to praise us on the high quality and long wear life of these blades.

Manufactured from High Quality Toolsteel or High Speed Steel material, we are able to offer a long wearing alternative to the standard blades supplied by many OEM's.

BRA T Paper Drills
A new addition to our product range, but one that is proving very popular, our new range of Paper Drills, for use in the Paper / Board industries.

Paper Cutting / Sheeter Knives
As part of our growing product range, we now offer a complete range of:
* Paper Cutting Knives
* Knives for 3-Knife trimmers 
* Sheeter Knives for Paper, Card and Corrugated Card 
* Knives for packaging equipment

All the blades in this range are available in a choice of 4 different grades of material:
* Standard Toolsteel - Well approved for Universal use 
* High Carbon, High Chrome - Harder Wearing Toolsteel 
* High Speed Steel - 18% Tungsten Carbide, approx 400% higher cutting yield
* Solid Tungsten Carbide Tipped for the Ultimate cutting edge

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