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Kidneys for Life

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Kidneys for Life
Renal Unit, Manchester Royal Infirmary
Oxford Road
Manchester, Lancashire
M13 9WL
United Kingdom

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About Kidneys for Life

Kidneys for Life … One Day !

Chronic kidney disease is on the increase and can strike anyone at any age, especially as we live longer yet have less healthy lifestyles. If you develop the disease it is likely you will need dialysis or even a kidney transplant. Research into the prevention of these treatments is essential to increase patients' life expectancy and quality.

Kidneys for Life is a charity that raises funds for such research by the Manchester Institute of Nephrology & Transplantation (MINT) into kidney disease, transplantation and dialysis. MINT was established in 1998 as the research and development arm of renal medicine and transplantation within the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI). In 1965 the MRI was one of the first centres to offer dialysis and in 1968 started its kidney transplantation programme. It has a wide ranging research programme, investigating biological and clinical aspects of kidney disease in both children and adults.

How we spend our money

Research is regarded as an essential part in the ongoing care and treatment of patients. Although all of the consultant nephrologists and transplant surgeons at the MRI are involved in research, most of the patients will never meet any of the laboratory-based scientists and researchers who are an integral part of MINT. Nevertheless they are as dedicated to the well being of the patients as the doctors and nurses.

MINT has a proud history of being at the forefront of many acclaimed scientific discoveries and internationally celebrated successes. For example, some of the earliest and most important clinical trials with immunosuppressive drugs were carried out at the MRI. Two decades ago an historic leap was made in the success rate of renal transplantation, which improved from 60% to 90%. MINT is at the forefront as one of the leading centres in Europe for important clinical trials.

The Renal Unit is now running a programme of combined kidney and pancreas transplantation to tackle the growing problem of kidney failure due to diabetes. We are the first unit in the country to have carried out successful combined kidney and pancreas transplantation surgery on children thus enabling them to live a normal life for the first time in many years.

Despite the importance of this work, NHS funds are limited and unable to support many of the highly rated research projects. The funding for these projects must therefore come from charitable sources and individuals who understand the need.

There are few renal centres in the country with the world-wide reputation and respect of MINT. The experience and knowledge of the clinical and laboratory staff is almost unrivalled. The team currently working in MINT has produced research work that offers real hope for patients both now and in the future.

Kidneys for Life fundraising for MINT aims to raise funds to ensure that research can continue to further ensure that kidneys work well for the lifetime of the patient, and our research plan for the future will follow this aim. We also aim to improve direct patient amenities within the Renal Units.

Further information about the charity it’s research and how you can help can be found on our website

If you would like more information please contact Irene Chambers on 0161 276 6671 or email:

Registered Charity No: 505256

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