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Standex International Ltd

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Standex International Ltd
Unit 6 Cromwell Road Trading Estate
Stockport, Cheshire
United Kingdom

Tel: 01614064300
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About Standex International Ltd

Standex Engraving is the leading worldwide supplier of industrial gravure and embossing rolls and plates. Our graphics personnel have access to a library of over 150,000 patterns to create new designs or to modify or duplicate current designs. We provide endless possibilities for producing two or three dimensional textured surfaces.

We take pride in producing the world's deepest, most well-defined, repeatable patterns, by far the most realistic, highest quality engraving in the market.

Using the latest digital scanning technology, lasers, wax jet printers, computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutters and image setters we produce digital engravings detailed to microns, on cylinders up to 1050mm in diameter, 7620mm in length, weighing up to 18,000kg within the group.

Every step of the process is handled in-house - from fabrication to engraving to plating, finishing and shipping. As a result, you get your product to market faster, all with Standex Engraving's total quality control.

We operate 24 facilities in 14 countries, using the most advanced technology to assure a level of detail and consistency unrivalled in the industry. Our experienced engravers and technicians are the finest in the world with outstanding expertise available on every continent. All Standex locations adhere to the same, corporate-required, quality control standards.

Every facility is linked to our innovative design centres that combine craftsmanship with digital technology. Exact pattern matches are therefore possible even when patterns are manufactured at different Standex locations.

Standex Engraving has designed, manufactured and serviced machinery for more than 100 years. Reliability is central to our machine-building philosophy, as evidenced by the many industry standards we have introduced and developed. Through proven engineering, our machines provide a competitive edge by improving product quality while increasing production rates.

Our Standex engineers and technical personnel can design and build the correct machine for your process, provide rebuild or reconditioning services to older machines and perform on-site process consultant services.

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