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Energy and Carbon Management Ltd
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About Energy and Carbon Management Ltd

Energy and Carbon Management (E&CM) is one of the UK’s leading independent consultancies specialising in the procurement and management of energy, carbon and water services. We provide a total energy, water, and carbon procurement and management service to corporate clients.
Established in 1988, our success is built upon over 20 years of consistently delivering strong financial and environmental results for our clients allowing us to boast a 95% client retention rate.
Our goals are clear: to optimise our clients’ short, medium and long-term energy and carbon costs through the design and implementation of cost-effective purchasing strategies, volume reduction programmes and full legislative compliance.  
The increasing cost and price volatility of energy means that efficient procurement and use of  energy is now a high priority in many organisations.  Our long established expertise allows our clients to manage the risks involved in energy procurement and achieve meaningful reductions in energy consumption.  
Our core services our detailed under the 5 headings below:
1) Data Management Services
At the heart of our state-of-the-art utility management services is a high-quality data hub and a team of energy experts. Energy & Carbon Management has invested heavily in information technology to ensure that all of our reporting and analysis is based on high quality, reliable information.  Within this area we also provide invoice validation, query resolution, estate management and tenant re-billing services, forensic audit of supplies, and tariff optimisation.
2) Procurement

We provide Procurement Management Services to all types of clients from SME businesses through to major ‘blue chip’ organisations.  Our solutions include fixed-price contracting, market tracker funds, flexible risk-managed contracts and green energy procurement.  We are tracking the market in real-time to ensure that when it moves against our clients, we make sure that they are not subject to sharp and disproportionate price increases.  Equally, when the market moves in the right direction, they are in a position to take maximum advantage of lower prices.
3) Energy Management
We offer a two-level service approach.  Firstly we focus on the elimination of wastage which we are able to identify from in-depth analysis of the data relating to your energy usage and secondly the introduction of new behaviours, management processes and new technologies in order to reduce energy consumption.
4) Water Services
Our Water Management Services concentrate on both the price and volume of water and sewerage services.  We examine all aspects of tariffs available from supply companies and sewerage providers, allowing us to optimise price initially then similarly to energy look to eliminate wastage and reduce consumption.
5) Carbon Services

Carbon is rapidly becoming one of the most dominant areas of the energy market due to the importance and the cost impact of carbon on businesses.  E&CM is fully expert in all aspects of compliance reporting required to satisfy schemes such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Climate Change Levy (CCL) agreements.
Here is a simple question that E&CM can help you answer:
Why does your company pay more than large companies do for its electricity and gas?  
You might reasonably think that the answer is volume, but while the level of purchasing will be a factor, it is far from being the whole story.
Put simply, large companies have traditionally benefited from a totally different quality of energy management and procurement options, which allow them to take advantage of, as opposed to suffer from, the significant price fluctuations that are increasingly impacting the energy markets.
The good news is that today, our 20+ years experience of the UK energy market, combined with major investments in state-of-the-art systems and technology, allows us to offer SME businesses access to the same quality and sophistication of service as large companies enjoy, without the risk of costly fees or charges.
Here are some examples of what we mean by high quality energy management and procurement:
-  Customer-specific procurement strategies.  One size does not fit all – your energy requirements are specific to your business and the way you purchase energy needs to be adapted to those requirements.
-  Access to flexible energy procurement contracts.  These are adjustable rate contracts, normally only available to major energy users, which make it possible to take advantage of price fluctuations to optimise your energy purchases.  Our long standing relationships with the key UK energy suppliers, allow us to propose these contracts to medium size Companies such as yours.  
-   Real-time market tracking.  Waiting until shortly before your existing contracts expire before renewing, is very unlikely to be the best strategy for optimising your energy costs.  Energy markets rise and fall, in unpredictable patterns and the use of real-time tracking together with computer-driven simulations, allow our clients to be informed of the most attractive opportunities for locking in their future energy purchases and avoiding costly and unpleasant surprises.
-   A dedicated team of top quality specialists.  Several heads are better than one and our analytical teams share and discuss both client needs and market trends.  Within each team, client-dedicated analysts follow a limited number of accounts, ensuring continuity and close monitoring of your specific situation.
-  State-of-the-art technology.  Our clients enjoy permanent on-line access to our E&CM extranet, enabling each client to monitor and track their energy usage, perform inter-site comparisons and much more.  Our analysts use this data to prepare a monthly report,which is discussed with you and which can be used to identify opportunities to further optimise your energy costs.
The bottom line: enhanced control of the risks inherent in energy purchasing…and the lowest possible energy costs.
Our presence in Worcestershire, from where we cover the West Midlands area, makes us ideally placed to serve regional clients. If we sound like a local business that you would like to do business with then please call or e-mail us. 
Contact: Mike Mann
Telephone: 0844 809 9345
Mobile: 07730 301 775

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