TWEBLO (Tyne & Wear Education Business Link)

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TWEBLO (Tyne & Wear Education Business Link)

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TWEBLO (Tyne & Wear Education Business Link)
Business & Innovation Centre
Sunderland Enterprise Park
Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom

Tel: 01915166166
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About TWEBLO (Tyne & Wear Education Business Link)

TWEBLO Limited is the local arm of a national initiative to promote work-related learning among young people at school. We work throughout 5 Local Authority areas: Gateshead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, and Sunderland. 

Our Aim
TWEBLO's aim is simple - to provide young people in Tyne & Wear with the very best opportunities to learn about the world of work.
We want our young people to leave school better informed than ever - and better equipped to make the most of their individual skills and talents as they embark on their chosen careers.
What We Do
We run more than 80 programmes - from work placements to mentoring schemes - through which young people can gain invaluable experience and develop key skills.
We work to help them broaden their horizons, raise their aspirations and improve their career prospects.
What We Don't Do
We don't actually deliver these programmes ourselves.
Rather we act as a single point of access for schools and businesses. We engage our partner organisations and providers in conducting the delivery of programmes - and we oversee that delivery to ensure that the highest standards are met in every respect. That includes everything from health and safety issues through to content, relevance and style.
What We Offer
TWEBLO funding supports:
Pre 16 Work Experience
Professional Development Placements for all school staff
Educational projects linked with employer involvement, including Enterprise initiatives
The Business Ambassador programme
Tyne & Wear Connexions service are currently contracted to organise work experience and some 17,000 placements happen each year. All of these placements must be assessed for adequate Health & Safety arrangements and TWEBLO carries out risk assessments for all placements, ensuring that the working environment is safe for the learner and adequate supervision is in place.
Who We Work With
We work with businesses. We encourage businesses of all sizes to provide high-quality work placements for all our young people. We encourage them to send employees into the classroom, to share their experiences of the world of work, to work with students on specific projects, and to enhance students' problem-solving skills.
We work with teachers. Teachers have a pivotal role in shaping students' perceptions and understanding of the world of work. To be effective, teachers need to have a real understanding of the ever-changing and constantly-evolving business environment. We arrange business placements for teachers, giving them the opportunity to make their work in the classroom even more effective and dynamic.
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