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United Kingdom

Tel: 01519442111
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Ykids has a two fold vision:

To work towards the transformation of the lives of children and young people living in deprivation, poverty and hopelessness; bringing hope, self esteem, positive life choices and chances, so that they can lead happy and fulfilled lives, and bring about regeneration in their communities.

To see every church, in every community offer vibrant, effective and relevant work for children and young people.

Our Values

- Children come first
- Value people – our children, our staff, our volunteers, our partners and our supporters
- To be needs led, not target driven
- To at all times work with honesty, integrity and transparency.
- To deliver high quality services that are cost effective
- That all our services are free to children at point of contact
- To work in partnership
- To listen to and value the opinion of our children, the community and our stakeholders
- To engage the community and young people through volunteering
- To be part of the community working with people and not ‘doing to’ them
- To be committed to the community – becoming a community anchor, investing our time and money and looking for new ways to support physical and social regeneration.
- To continue to innovate and look for ways to improve
- To invest in the personal development of our staff and volunteers
- To honour the local church

Our Mission

- To provide a bespoke range of services to the community and to the church to meet the needs of children and young people living in deprivation.
- To develop projects that empower young people and develop self worth so that their life prospects will be improved and they will aspire to achieve greater things for their lives.
- To give young people a hope and a purpose
- To train and equip young people and those working with young people
- To provide positive role models and give young people life opportunities they might not otherwise have
- To offer a sense of belonging, friendship and being part of something special
- To work towards community cohesion and regeneration
- To be Christ’s hands and feet serving in a hurting world.

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