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About Rooney Tax Services

No matter what term HMRC may use to describe a review of your tax position, it will usually involve an intrusive, detailed and critical investigation of your personal and business affairs; this is often a very stressful and worrying time for everyone involved and can lead to significant disruption for you, your family and your business.

With over 25 years experience in dealing with tax investigations, tax enquiries and tax disclosures of all types, we can provide you with the quality of service and level of expertise you will need. Revenue Investigators are specialists in their field, but then we are dedicated tax investigations specialists. We will stand alongside you and all of our experience will be working for you from the outset of our involvement- in an honest, objective but thoroughly understanding approach.

We aim to meet the needs of anyone facing a tax enquiry, tax investigation, intervention or check by H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC). This can range from difficult local office investigations to Specialist Investigations (SI), Civil Investigation of Fraud (CIF) and offshore disclosures under the New Disclosure Opportunity (NDO). Please have a look at our range of services for more information.

For a confidential, no commitment discussion about your concerns please call us on 07739 449 040 or email us on

- Tax Investigations and Enquiries

There are many phrases for a tax investigation, the terms ‘enquiry’ and ‘checking the return’ are just two but whatever term is used any tax investigation is an obtrusive and demanding challenge to your tax returns and accounts. It is a stressful and potentially costly exercise and one that can have a major impact on you, your family and your business. It is a truly daunting prospect.

With the new HMRC information powers and penalty regime in force the ability for HMRC to obtain information and then heavily penalise anything other than a genuine mistake has never been greater. Investigations are rarely random, less than 5% of individuals, traders and businesses are enquired into each year and of those less than 5% of enquiries are truly random so HMRC is looking at you for a reason they are not obliged to disclose to you.

Income tax enquiries usually commence with a notification from HMRC of their intention to enquire together with a copy of their Code of Practice 11. For companies there will usually be a formal notice of intention to enquire together with a copy of Code of Practice 14. In either case the Inspector will very quickly seek to review all of your business records, meet with you to discuss your business (and private) affairs in depth and he will try to obtain as much detail as possible about your personal finances and assets. He may also seek details of your partners or spouses finances. Investigations of this type can last for several years if not dealt with appropriately from the outset.

We have considerable experience in dealing with these matters and all of this experience will be working for you. We can manage the investigation on your behalf; reducing the need for you to be interviewed by HMRC officers as much as possible and controlling the flow of information and documents. This will leave you free to concentrate on your business, your work and your family.

We remain completely objective throughout the entire process; as will our advice and wherever applicable our specialists will present a robust defence of your position. You will be informed and consulted at every stage. Our specialist knowledge and experience can also help us to achieve the best possible financial outcome on your behalf and as quickly as possible; negotiating with HMRC for the best resolution.

We can work alongside your existing advisers leaving you both free to deal with everything else so you can move on at the end of our involvement.

- Voluntary Disclosures 
- Offshore Disclosures 
- New Disclosure Opportunity / Offshore Disclosure Facility 
- Civil Investigation of Fraud 
- Specialist Investigations 
- Serious Fraud (Code of Practice 9) 
- Tax Prosecution defence support 
- Advice and Investigations for Testimonial and Benefit Committees 
- Tax residence and domicile issues 
- Status Disputes / employed or self employed? 
- PAYE, NIC and Benefit in Kind audits and enquiries. 
- Advice and Investigations; Foreign Entertainers withholding tax regime.
- Appeals and Tax Tribunal Hearings 
- Lichtenstein Disclosure Facility 
- Tax Health Plan 
- Services for members of the Rugby Players Association

Through our extensive range of trusted associates we can also assist in obtaining advice about; general tax and accountancy, VAT, audit services, general legal advice and advice on criminal law issues.

We are always delighted to hear from new or existing clients. If you have a requirement, please get in touch and we will come back to you without delay.

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